Below, longtime King’s Harbor member Betty Warnholz shares the history of King’s Harbor Church:

Early Beginnings

The start of King's Harbor Church was found in the Foursquare Church revivals of the 1930s. Two Christian women in the community started holding revival meetings in a tent near the current site of Weddel Woodcraft (near Catalina and P.C.H.). One of these ladies was the mother of former King's Harbor Church Pastor Juanita Hawkins who held the revival meetings while pregnant with Juanita. The Lord met this ministry in a wonderful way, and that was the start of the Foursquare Church in Redondo Beach—currently known as King's Harbor Church.
During World War II, the church was located under the bank building where the old salt water plunge used to be. The sound of antiaircraft guns could be heard practicing loudly in Palos Verdes. During this time, a little boy named Johnny Vigil began attending. Johnny, now a senior, has long been a faithful member of this church, and is still here. Also in faithful service to the church for more than 20 years are Betty Warnholz, Verian Lowrance, Fairabee Donoho, and Marcella Gentle.

Move and Growth In Missions

Under the pastorship of Brother House in the 1950s, an old Japanese schoolhouse was purchased at the site of 219 N. Broadway, which was our first location. The building was renovated over the years with the addition of the fellowship hall, kitchen, more restrooms, and classrooms.

In 1970, Harold and Juanita Hawkins came to pastor this church. They upgraded the building and faithfully cared for the congregation for 27 years! During these years, the church was active in Foursquare Missions, supporting the missionaries through prayer and finances. While on furlough in the U.S., many missionaries came and shared what the Lord was doing on the mission field.

God’s Faithfulness to King’s Harbor

God has always been here through times of plenty and through the lean times. During the latter lean times, the ladies of the prayer group would walk through the church, lay hands on the pews and ask God to refill them. He answered in a wonderful way when he sent Chris and Anne Cannon to pastor the church. With the people that came with them, the pews were filled and running over.

The church has seen many pastors over the years who, along with their families, have loved and cared for this congregation. They have seen many young people come to the Lord and be baptized under their ministry. Among them were Max and Carolyn Siessar, the Halls, the James, the Giles, the Garringers, the Hawkins, and most recently, the Cannons.

All these years the full gospel was preached according to the Bible. Many people have come and gone through the doors of King’s Harbor. Some became pastors, some missionaries, and many, many were saved and are still walking with the Lord. God has blessed each ministry in each era of the church in His own way.