King's Harbor Church has sent and continues to support KHC families serving in different parts of the world. We encourage you to reach out to our missionaries by committing to write letters and/or emails. You could tell them news from home, give them scripture, or write out a prayer for something they might be going through.

Velasquez Family  |  Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Summary of Ministry and Current Status:
The Velasquez family returned from the field (September) after an accumulative 20 years serving in Mexico in a remote fishing village & international surfing destination as community pastor, mentors, & ministry leaders. Mando will be looking for work as soon as the dust settles. He is a faithful man of God who wants to provide for his family. If you would like to send Mando, Myra or any of the V-family a note of encouragement you can do so here: 

• Prayer for their hearts and minds as well as provision to transition from Puerto Escondido to the South Bay
• Financial support for the next 6 months (until February 2020)

Contact info: 
Consider supporting this transition from Puerto Escondido with the El Faro Board or Home Team lead Karl BingemannPastor Dan Bradford, or John Velasquez.

C-Family*  |  Middle East

Summary of Ministry and Current Status:
Living in an unreached Middle Eastern culture provides a critical opportunity for those who have no exposure to the gospel of Jesus as revealed in the Scriptures to be exposed. Speaking the native language and living among the people lends itself to revealing and reflecting the care of our God to a displaced people group while teaching the gospel. Every two years the C-Family returns home to the States for important refreshment and re-engagement with their sending community, KHC! 

The C-Family is currently on leave and in the South Bay until September 3rd, 2019. During this leave, they have really enjoyed their time of refreshment and engagement with their KHC community which included Preaching at Church on the Beach, praying at Dwell and with KHC Staff, serving in Student Ministry, and visiting friends. We'd love to invite you to save the date (Friday, August 30, 7:00-9:00 PM) to join us for their 10 year anniversary in the field. We'll celebrate with a dessert reception, we'll pray, and send them with love and support. (Details to follow)

• The C-Family desires to connect with KHC community.
• Prayer for their family time with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.
• Plan to join the 10 year Anniversary celebration on Friday, August 30, 7:00-9:00 p.m. (Details to follow)

Contact info:
Home Team: . For more information, please contact Pastor Dan Bradford.

B-Family*  |  India & Asia

Summary of Ministry and Current Status:
Primary work for the B-Family is the translation of Scripture for specific indigenous people groups of South Asia. They also minister trauma care in very needy communities. Due to some family health concerns and in-country access (Visa restrictions, etc), their mission agency and KHC agree it's best to relocate and work remotely as these concerns are addressed. They desire to return after a season of prayer and care. Spiritually and emotionally all are doing pretty good! Returning from Asia to work remotely, the B-Family will relocate to Dallas in August 2019. They will live in a missional community and travel abroad 3-5 times annually to continue the work of translation and gospel exposure. 

• Prayer for health and well being (physically) of the entire family
• Continued financial support (new travel assignments require additional funding)
• Home Team involvement

Contact info:
Prayer, support, and Home Team involvement, Natalie Newhart or Pastor Dan Bradford.

* Full family names are concealed for security reasons.

For more information about KHC Missionaries, please contact .