The staff at King’s Harbor Church love Jesus and would love to get to know you! Learn more about each of our staff members below.


Henry Kaney

Daniel Bradford

Suzie Lind

Randolph Michaelsen

Joel Vroom

Jason Flentye


Kyle Agonia

Dana Branch

Ron Chan

Barry Felis

Chuck Hopper

Henry Kaney

Randolph Michaelsen

Barry Nugent

Cris O'Neall

Henry Sanchez


Linda Barbara

Dorothy Chagenovich

Lisa Larking

Annie Chase

Bryan Collins

Lynn Farr

Marcela Frost

Adrian Garcia

Chad George

Greg Riley

Kevin Grindle

Steve Lind

Kelly Matson

Josh Park

Lexie Scrivens

Jennifer Russell

Shirli Sulser

Tania Foote

Anne Cannon