Deb Petzolt


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Deb grew up in Bayside and East Hampton Long Island, NY.  She went to Catholic church and felt at an early age that she was missing out – a deep void in not really knowing the God of creation.  In 1976, Deb gave her life to Jesus.  She started attending KHC in 2004 with her husband Rick.  They were part of the team with Pastor Dan that the Lord moved to give God the glory at the 2005 start-up of Church on the Beach (COTB).


Serving the Lord as a steward brings Deb great joy and blessing.  Whether she is working as a team hosting great events with eyes on any and every detail that would bring success, knowing that they are just the vessels the Lord is using for His glory, or the day-to-day tasks that keep things running smoothly.  In addition to her duties as a steward, Deb serves with the Fellowship and Fold team, folding the bulletins each week.  She also attends the Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday Bible studies.  She is an extra pair of hands and feet for any events where she can plug into.


When not working, Deb enjoys spending time in God’s word, reading Christian books, hiking at the beach, attending life group with Rick, investing in the lives of her grandkids (Zeke – 8, Zoey – 5, Ayden – 6, Jonah – 15 months) and family, and attending kids’ games/volunteering at their schools.  Deb resides in Torrance with her husband Rick (nicknamed the Bear) and they have two adult daughters, Jessie and Jami.

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