George Negrete


Although George grew up in a God-fearing family in Gardena, California, he did not know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  He was aware of, believed in, and even feared God, but from a cold, lifeless distance.  Eventually, when George was in his mid-twenties, God began using specific circumstances in and around his life to accelerate God’s drawing him to a dissatisfaction with himself, an awareness of his sinfulness, and a desire to experience God’s love and peace.  Finally, at twenty-six years old, George came to the end of himself and after calculating what this decision would cost him once and for all, he embraced the forgiveness and love of Jesus.  His one regret in all of this is that he waited so long to make the most important and best decision of his life!  Praise the Lord!

From 2002-2007, George started attended KHC. After he left KHC for a season, George returned in 2014.  In accordance with the Great Commission, George has been involved in going “into all the world” since 1992.  While at KHC, he has been with teams to Romania, Mexico, Haiti, Iraq, Pakistan, and India.  He has also been to Royal Family Kids’ Camp three times, which was very special.  He has been active in praying for the unborn while offering life options to women and men in crisis pregnancy situations.

George enjoys being part of God’s Big Picture and Plan!  God is intentional in all that He does and is right now working out His wonderful plan for the world.  George enjoys playing his part.  God is drawing people from all over the world to Himself.  Once people surrender to God in worship as members of the body of Christ, they also become part of a local believing community, in the West, we often refer to those communities as churches.  Those churches are tasked with the ministry of equipping believers to do the work of the ministry.  Jesus is perpetually in the process of building His church.  George enjoys being a part of the intentional, beautiful, and eternal work that God is doing in and through KHC.

The need, responsibility, and calling drew George to desire to serve as an elder at KHC.  He returned to KHC in 2014 during a season of great need.  As an older person in the faith, he feels a special sense of responsibility to invest the gifts God has given him to advance His Kingdom.  While it is true that all believers are called to serve, not all people have the life experience, time, gifts, and specific calling to be overseers.  George has a desire to work towards building and maintaining a healthy, vibrant, Spirit-filled community at KHC – a place where people of all ages and backgrounds can hear the Word of God, grow in faith, and manifest godly character all while being equipped for the work of ministry.

When not working or serving, George loves to spend time in a variety of ways.  George enjoys hearing the Word of God preached weekly.  He also values worship, especially lyrics and the history behind old hymns.  He takes pleasure in reading biographies of various pillars of the faith.  In addition, he enjoys mobilizing people for the Great Commission, encouraging those serving on the mission field and encouraging young men to live godly lives.  He still likes serving as a chaplain with the fire department.  And, George also enjoys spending time with people.

In 2005, George retired from the Los Angeles City Fire Department.  George currently lives at the South end of Redondo Beach.

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