Kelly Constable

Student Ministries Coordinator

(310) 376-6555, Ext. 126    |

Kelly is a South Bay native, having grown up in West Torrance.  Kelly was raised in a Christian family.  When she was 8 years old, Kelly chose to follow Jesus, but had some years of falling away during high school. Her junior year, she realized she no longer wanted lukewarm faith and decided to be all in with Jesus. Kelly has been influenced in her Christian walk by attending the Joshua Wilderness Institute at Hume Lake, which is a yearlong discipleship program that she participated in the year after she graduated high school. Suzie Lind (a former Pastor at KHC) has also influenced and shaped who she is today.


Kelly started attending KHC in 2004 and she began working at KHC in 2006, as the Lead Pastor's Assistant and the Men’s and Women’s Ministry Coordinator.  Currently, Kelly serves as the Student Ministries Coordinator – assisting with youth group each week, planning the youth camps and special events, shepherding the female students and leaders, and showcasing Jesus to all of the youth at KHC. 


When not working, Kelly enjoys working out, walking her dog, and going to movies with her husband Tim Constable. Kelly recently gave birth to a son, Nathan.  The Constables currently lives in Torrance.

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