Mark Duvall

Worship Leader

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Mark grew up locally, and still lives right here in the “balanced city” of Torrance, California. He is fond of telling people that he was raised in a little country church in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Though that little Baptist church was situated in Gardena, most of the folks there had migrated from Arkansas, Texas, or Oklahoma. Going to church on Sundays felt a lot like leaving California every week. So if you ever hear a bit of a twang when he sings, you’ll understand that those roots grow deep. It was there that Mark consistently heard the Gospel, and he first came to faith at a young age. For the next ten years or so of Mark’s life, he considered himself a Christian, but by the time he reached college, he recognized that much of his faith had been environmental, rather than his own relationship with Christ. It was then that he knew it was time to follow Jesus.


In 2014, Mark and his family started attending King’s Harbor Church. He joined staff as a worship leader in November 2014. At KHC, Mark serves with Worship Ministry, Worship Council, Men’s Ministry, and Royal Family Kids Camp.


What Mark enjoys most about his role as a worship leader is getting to hear the church sing, especially when the church sings louder than the band! When the church gathers to worship, we recognize that we are in the presence of Jesus, and we fully engage in authentic praise and adoration without concern for what it sounds or looks like to others; it is a glimpse of what heaven will be like.


Mark is a full time English teacher at Torrance High School. When not working at THS or serving at KHC, Mark loves to travel with his family.  As a singer/songwriter, he enjoys the process of writing and recording. Mark is also a complete nerd about fly fishing for trout and road cycling.


Mark and his lovely and talented wife Casie are proud parents to their two adult children, Gibson and Haley, who are both currently in college. 

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