KHC Transition

After beginning with a diagnostic assessment of the King's Harbor Church ministry, we are now engaged in a refocusing process to reaffirm our values, mission, and vision as a Biblical community. The steps below outline the path we've taken and provide direction for where we're going in this transition season.

Diagnostic Summary

Step 1 - Diagnostic Online Survey (Completed)
Thank you to all who participated in the online survey! Because of your participation, we were able to successfully complete Step 1 and collect a total of 563 surveys. 

Step 2 - Diagnostic Onsite In-Person Interviews (Completed)
The in-person interviews offered KHC congregants a voice to help provide the independent Diagnostic team with information necessary to prepare the complete Ministry Assessment Report which contains recommendations to keep King's Harbor Church focused on the heart of God both as a Biblical community and as individuals. 

Step 3 - Ministry Assessment Report (Completed)
The independent Diagnostic team has completed the final Ministry Assessment Report. There are 3 different versions of this report that vary in length and detail:

Full Report (152 pages) |  DOWNLOAD PDF

Executive Summary (24 pages)  |  DOWNLOAD PDF

Overview (1 page)  |  DOWNLOAD PDF

All-Church Summits

The Summits provide an opportunity for the KHC community to engage in a refocusing process to reaffirm our values, mission, and vision as a Biblical community. We will also be considering theological alignment and denominational affiliation. As part of this process, KHC will be hosting a series of Summits that will provide the congregation the opportunity to have a voice in shaping next steps in the life of the church. As a church we want to listen afresh to God, discern God’s leading, and begin to clarify our future. 

Click here to learn more about the upcoming Summits.

Projected Transition Timeline

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