about rooted

Rooted is an 11 week course that provides the opportunity to connect with God, the King's Harbor Church family and your purpose in unexpected, life-changing ways.

what to expect

Rooted is a journey.  During that time we will be studying God's Word in small groups, sharing with and praying for one another.  Your group will also share three experiences together outside your group time: prayer, serving and sharing your story.  The last evening will be a dinner where we share and celebrate what God has done during our time together, as well as discuss next steps.

Each week's lesson builds upon the previous one and for this reason, we ask that you commit to attending a minimum of eight sessions.  If that is not possible at this time we ask that you register for a future session.


The next session of Rooted begins in late September on Sunday afternoons and Thursday evenings.  Registration is closed, but a few spots may be available.  Please contact Kapena Cavuto at  for more information.

Questions? email