Registration is now open for Hume Lake summer camp! 

DATES: Sunday, August 5th - Saturday, August 11th
COST: $735 (a $135 non-refundable deposit required to register) 


STEP 1 |
You will need to register online with KHC. You must choose THE STUDENT WHO IS ATTENDING (and NOT YOURSELF). This requires an extra step where you need to type in your email and then click on the link that is sent to your email to continue registration. We will not accept registrations made in the parent's name so please take the time to enter the correct person (or you will have to reregister). Make sure to choose the camp according to what grade your student will be in during the 2018-2019 school year this fall. 

STEP 2 |
Once registration with KHC is completed, you will receive an email from Hume Lake, with a link to register your student with Hume. This email will contain a code that you must use to be registered with our group (King’s 
Harbor). If you do not use this code, then your child will be signed up as an individual, and not within our cabin assignments. Do NOT go to Hume's website... use the code that is emailed to you. 

STEP 3 |
You will receive an email reminder every month to go into your account and make a payment of $100 (or more if you'd like) in order to make sure the following amounts are paid by these dates:

  • Register with a deposit of $135 between February 1 and 28.
  • March 1st - $235 total is due
  • April 1st - $335 total is due
  • May 1st - $435 total is due
  • June 1st - $535 total is due
  • July 1st - $635 total is due
  • August 1st - $735 total is due

ALL PAYMENTS MADE UP TO $335 ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. (example: If you pay $435 and then need to cancel you will receive a $100 refund).

Every year Hume gives out scholarships based on how much money they receive and the needs for those that apply. If you are in serious need, please apply, and in the meantime continue to make the payments requested. Hume will notify us 2 week's prior to camp if you are awarded a campership. At that time we will refund you the amount indicated by Hume. You will receive a link in your confirmation email to apply for a campership.

The SM Parent Partners are working on opportunities to raise money for those registered. To stay up to date on this, please email our Parent Partner's chair Ted and Ruth Thomas at . Make sure to participate because this will bring the total cost of camp down with each fundraiser. As the fundraisers take place, we will adjust the remaining balance.