Getting to Know Mike

1. Candidate’s Name: Mike Dsane
2. Spouse’s name: Sky Dsane
3. If married, how long? (include wedding date): 5 years, wedding date- February 18, 2012
4. If married, how did you meet your spouse? Sky and I met at Crossroads Church where she attended and I was a minister on staff.
5. If married, what role, if any, do you expect your spouse to have at the church? What are the spiritual gifts of your spouse? How does she currently support you? Sky is gifted in organization, planning and is a gifted artist. The Lord has also given her a heart for the nations. She currently works full time for Seed Company, a Bible translation organization. I don’t imagine that she will have a formal role at the church, but she will seek to live in community with our local body and support me through her prayer and participation as a member of the body and walking with me as we lead our home.

6. If you have children please list their names and ages: N/A
7. Please list your current hobbies and interests: reading, watching and playing sports (particularly basketball), cooking and grilling, playing and listening to music.

8. Formal Education Beyond High School

  • The Village Church Institute Training Program | The Village Church, Flower Mound, TX
  • Currently pursuing credit to be applied to an M.Div at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.
  • Certificate of Ordination | The Village Church, Flower Mound, TX Bachelor of Business Administration-Marketing | University of Oklahoma,
  • Norman OK Degree Earned- December 2003

9. Please list additional certification/s and include significant seminars you have participated in: I was a member of the 2015-2016 leadership cohort for Fellowship Associates.

10.Ministry assignments

  • Pastoral Resident | The Village Church, Dallas Campus 2015-Present Groups Minister | The Village Church, Flower Mound Campus 2014-2015
  • Pastor of Next Generation Ministries, Executive Team | Northplace Church, Sachse, TX 2007-2014
  • Young Adult Pastor | Northplace Church, Sachse, TX 2007-2014
  • . Children’s and Young Adult Pastor | Crossroads Church, Oklahoma City, OK 2003-2006

11.Explain how and when you began your personal relationship with Jesus Christ? The Lord was kind to save my mom and lead her to raise my sisters and I going to church. While I was still a toddler, the Lord saved my father and he quickly became the spiritual leader of our home. My parents were faithful in their family discipleship practices introducing me to the Scriptures before I was able to read. Upon turning 8 years-old, I remember feeling deep sorrow over my sin. I remember being in church and singing the familiar chorus “Majesty”, and the lyric about the death of Christ weighed heavily upon me because I knew I was the cause of his death. I quickly responded in that service to pray for Christ to forgive me and save me.

12.Briefly describe your personal call to ministry and include steps you have taken to affirm and insure your call: Shortly after salvation, many of the pastors and ministers with relationship to our family began to encourage my parents that I had a call to ministry. This terrified me and made me want to run as far and as fast as I could in the opposite direction. During my middle school years, I actively tried to rebel against the Lord and the church because

I did not want to live up to that call. But strangely, I continued to be present in the church and return to confess my sin to the Lord over and over again.

By high school, I was eagerly pursuing the Lord again and feeling so much shame over my rebellion that I began to serve in any capacity I could, as if I were trying to pay a debt I owed. This created a sort of Joshua effect in my life- while many of my peers were distracted, I was hanging around the place where the Lord intended to meet his people and our church’s leadership noticed.

During my freshman year of college, the church asked me to serve as an intern while I was attending the University of Oklahoma. They continued to entrust me with more and more opportunity and responsibility. Finally, during my junior year pursuing my Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Marketing, I felt the Lord distinctly call me into vocational ministry. As I began to tell my parents and pastors, it seemed like they were all shocked that I was so late in figuring this out. The Lord has continued to consistently provide affirmation of this call from the body of believers, mentors and elders in every season of my ministry.

13.What do you believe are your most prominent spiritual gifts and personal strengths - and how have you seen them confirmed? I believe the Lord has gifted me in preaching and teaching. This has been affirmed by church leadership since early in my ministry career. I also have received affirmation from non-believers who have consistently thanked me for teaching in such a way that I allowed them to understand their doubts and questions about the faith.

I also believe the Lord has generously given me the gift of discernment. It has been affirmed on numerous occasions by pastors and elders, who have been surprised by the ways I have been able to intuitively understand the complexity of care issues or walk in the right posture in delicate pastoral situations.

14.What acquired skills do you have? I have a fair knowledge of graphic design and video editing. I also have played bass guitar for several years.

15. What books have you read over the past six months? On the Incarnation; Divided By Faith; The Sellout: A Novel; Pastoral Theology in the Classical Tradition; Knowing God; The Life We Never Expected: Hopeful Reflections on the Challenges of Parenting Children with Special Needs; Faith Speaking Understanding; Let the Reader Understand; Delighting In The Trinity; Mindset: The New Psychology of Success; and Jesus, Justice and Gender Roles.

16.What person in church history (not any biblical figure please) has influenced you more than any other and why? (e.g. Augustine, Spurgeon, etc.): William Seymour of the Azusa Street Revival of 1906. While he is not a name that many would know or consider in the same category as theologians such as Augustine, Calvin or Luther, I have always had a deep love for Seymour. Like all men, he had glaring deficiencies, yet early in my formation, I was enamored by his tenacity to see the power God in his generation, despite the obstacles he faced in regards to race, his physical disabilities and the negative perception of Pentecostalism. Far too often my education has been limited to European and Enlightment thinkers, Seymous is a departure from that. Seymour insisted on experiencing the power of God, so much so, that he would hide his head in an apple crate to hide his face so the Lord might show up. Though, I probably would not agree with the preeminence that he would have placed on the gift of tongues and other sign gifts, I want to be known as a man of relentless prayer and dependence on the power of God.