Pastoral Search

King’s Harbor Church is currently in the process of searching for a permanent Lead Pastor. The pastoral search will be conducted in collaboration with the Elders, Staff, Search Team and the Vanderbloemen Search Group (see description below). Upon screening of final candidates, the selection and vote will be done by the Elders of King’s Harbor Church. 

Click here for the link to the Pastoral Profile on the Vanderbloemen site.

All applications must go through the Vanderbloemen site. KHC is not accepting emails from applicants.


The KHC Search Team is a temporary team selected by the Intentional Interim Pastor, Gregg Caruso, with elder approval. All members were nominated by an Elder, Staff Member or a Transition Team member. The team of 9 members will come alongside the elders to guide KHC through the search for a permanent Lead Pastor. The Search Team will have a strong voice but not a final vote in the selection process. The team will receive training to become the frontline team of trusted servants with spiritual discernment, some administrative capacity, and a willingness to engage with the candidates through the evaluation of their application packets, reference checking, online interviews, sermon evaluation and providing consistent updates to the congregation.  


  • Melanie Anderson
  • Mark Athan
  • Silas Cole
  • Ted Kim
  • Lindsey Jeremica
  • Greg Raasch
  • Bill O’Neill
  • Laura Wallace
  • Brandy Wallner


King’s Harbor Church has contracted with Vanderbloemen Search Group as a resource organization to facilitate the hiring process. Through the information provided by the church diagnostic, survey and summits, Vanderbloemen will create a pastoral profile that will be shared with their extensive network of pastors. All submitted applications will be screened by the Vanderbloemen research group and upon passing the initial screenings, Vanderbloemen will be presenting the KHC Search Team with applicants they believe fit the KHC profile. 


The most essential and important way for members of the church to be involved in the Pastoral Search process is through prayer. Below are several prayer points you can be covering in your own prayer life as well as with your family:

  • For the future pastor and family
  • Wisdom and discernment for the Search Team
  • For the church body as we engage this process and anticipate a new lead pastor


All individuals interested in the position must go through the Vanderbloemen Search Group application process. King’s Harbor Church will not be accepting any applications directly.


If for any reason you have questions regarding the Pastoral Search please contact:  .



Summer 2016

  • King’s Harbor Church initiates the search for a permanent Lead Pastor.
  • Elder, Staff Member and Transition Team begin nomination process for Search Team.
  • Search Team nominees are contacted and interviewed.
  • KHC begins process and negotiations with Vanderbloemen Search Group.
  • KHC interviews and chosesDavid Whiting as the Executive Search Consultant. 

Fall 2016

September 1 |  Search Team Meeting

  • Search Team Member introductions.
  • Members sign a search team covenant.

September 11 |  David Whiting from Vanderbloemen visits KHC for the weekend

  • Attends Saturday night, Church on the Beach and 11 A.M. Service.
  • Meeting with all 22 staff members.
  • Meeting with Elders, Search Team, Pastor Gregg and Bryan.

September 18 |  Search Team Meeting

  • Reviewed meetings with David Whiting from Vanderbloemen.
  • Communication methods devised to ensure congregation remains informed. 
  • Reviewed details for upcoming commissioning at all 4 services.

October 8 | Search Team Members Commissioning 

  • Reviewed and provided feedback on the Search Assessment profile and document created by Vanderbloemen.
  • Established plans for elders, staff and Search Team to receive interviewing skills training.

October 16 |Search Team Meeting

  • Updated status on the pastoral profile posting going live.
  • Reviewed notes from Summit #5 on congregational feedback on pastoral criteria.
  • Began discussing list of criteria for non-negotiable and preferred experiences for candidates.

November 6Search Team Meeting

  • Behavioral Interview Training provided by Laura Wallace for Search Team and Elders.
  • Discussed interview process and methods once Vanderbloemen sends candidates.
  • Next step in process is to receive blind resumes from Vanderbloemen to ensure they. are on track in choosing candidates that fit the profile created by KHC.

November 13 | Search Team Meeting

  • Silas Cole is the ST Facilitator.
  • Reviewed Mid-Point call with our V-Group representative (Bryan, Gregg, and George Negrete were on the call).
  • Reviewed two “blind resumes” (real candidates without the names to see if the V-Group is on target).
  • Reviewed bio and resume of a “mock candidate” that our ST, elders, and staff will practice their interview skills with.
  • Reviewed a Candidate Questionnaire that the V-Group will administrate with candidates.
  • The ST is compiling questions for overlapping ST, elders, and staff interviews.
  • Took some time to think through contingencies for presented candidates.

November 20 | Search Team Meeting

  • The Search Team conducted an online/video interview with a mock candidate to practice our interview and evaluation skills.
  • Five Search Team members conducted the interview while three of our elders and the rest of the Search Team watched and listened to the interview projected onto the wall in the Harbor Room.
  • Afterwards, we compared notes and considered whether or not the mock candidate would be considered for an additional interview.
  • In the second week in December, our Vanderbloemen representative will present to the Search Team and Elders (with a Staff representative) 4-6 candidates that they consider to be excellent candidates for our Lead Pastor position. 

December 4 | Search Team Meeting

  • The Search Team discussed the evaluation process and criteria for upcoming candidates. 
  • We went over the mock candidate interview and received additional performance feedback from Laura Wallace. 
  • We reviewed upcoming timeline for meeting with David Whiting from Vanderbloemen Group.
  • Discussed communication plan for candidates.

December 13 | Search Team Meeting

  • The Elders, Search Team, Pastor Gregg and Bryan Collins met with David Whiting from the Vanderbloemen Group.
  • David Whiting updated everyone on how the pastoral search process has gone, gave statistics regarding number of applicants and provided a brief overview on how they reached their final candidates.
  • David presented six candidates to the group, giving their background, strengths and weaknesses, employment history and the specific reason why Vanderbloemen believed each candidate was a good fit for our church.
  • The Elders and Search Team gave some immediate feedback regarding the candidates as well as had an opportunity to ask David directly additional questions.
  • Everyone was given an overview of the next stages in the pastoral search. The Search Team will begin their process of evaluating the candidates and will present to the Elders the top 3 candidates they believe would be a possible fit for lead pastor at Kings Harbor Church.

December 18 | Search Team Meeting

  • The Search Team provided individual results from a pastoral evaluation form as well as gave feedback on sermons for all of the candidates.
  • The Search Team decided to pursue conversations with a select few candidates provided by the Vanderbloemen Group.
  • Specific strengths and concerns were brought up for all candidates and a follow up plan was made to begins with a soft introduction for all candidates.
  • Melanie Anderson proposed hosting a day of fasting and prayer for the Search Team that would be held in the following week.

December 28 | Search Team Meeting

  • Vanderbloemen Group introduced an additional candidate to the Search Team. 
  • Response and reactions to the soft introductions (conference calls/video) were discussed.
  • The Search Team discussed the scheduling and format for formal video interviews with all the candidates.
  • The Search Team evaluated the questions needing to be asked to all candidates and specific questions for individual candidates.

January 5th - 12th | Formal Candidate Video Interviews

  • All members of the Search Team took part in being on a 4 member panel to perform formal video interviews with each of the candidates. Pastor Gregg and Pastor Bryan were also present on the video interviews but did not participate and only answered operational questions the candidates asked.
  • The remaining members of the Search Team, and members of the Elder Board observed all interviews from a separate location and immediate feedback and discussion was given after each formal interview.

 January 24 | Search Team Meeting

  • An email was sent out to the congregation recently regarding the search.  
  • At this point, all candidates have been video interviewed at least twice, one informal and one formal interview.
  • The Search Team evaluated the interviews of the final candidates.
  • The Search Team will begin to check references for the final candidates.
  • The elders are now coming alongside and heavily involved with the Search Team as they continue to move forward in determining the final candidate.

January 29th | Leadership Community Gathering

  • Chris Chapman as a representative of the Elders gave an update regarding their role and observations in being apart of the search process.
  • Silas Cole, Melanie Anderson and Bill O’Neill spoke on behalf of the Search Team. .regarding their experience being on the team and how they have felt the process has gone overall.

February 2 | Elder Meeting

  • The Elders invited the Search Team to join them for the first half of the meeting to give their final input on a potential final candidate.

February 4 and 5 | Family Gatherings

  • Pastor Gregg, the Elders, and members of the Search Team gave an update at each of the Family Gatherings regarding where the church is currently at in the process and to provide an update on where the process is heading in the upcoming weeks.

February 18 and 19 | Introduction Video

March 4 and 5 | Candidate Weekend

  • Candidate Mike Dsane will speak at all three Torrance services

March 5

  • 4-5pm Harbor Room | Reception to meet Mike Dsane and his wife Sky for a time of fellowship.
  • 5-6pm Worship Center | Question and Answer session with Mike
  • There will be an opportunity to submit written questions during the reception hour

Candidating Weekend - Mike Dsane from Kings Harbor Church on Vimeo.

Congregational Questions for Mike and Sky

March 11 and 12, 18 and 19 | Vote of Affirmation

  • Inserts will be provided in bulletins both weekends
  • Collection boxes will be located at both Welcome Centers
  • All responses must be submitted by 2pm on Sunday, March 19th

While our church bylaws do not require a vote by the congregation, the Vote of Affirmation is one additional way the Elders desire to receive feedback from those who call KHC their home church.  Ultimately, the Elders will make the final decision, but congregational input is very important. 

 March 20 | Elders Meeting

We received a total of 433 responses for the Vote of Affirmation with a 94% approval rating from the congregation.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond. We value your insight, feedback, encouragement, and support of the process, which included multiple opportunities for input along with the dedicated prayer and work of our nine-member Search Team and five-member Board of Elders.

We are excited to have received the overwhelming confirmation of Pastor Mike Dsane as our presented candidate and we are in the process of finalizing an offer to him for the position of Lead Pastor at King’s Harbor Church.  Once the offer is accepted we will schedule an Installation Service to “pass the baton” to Pastor Mike.  We will keep you informed on when this will take place and we hope you will make every effort to join us as we follow God’s leading into this next chapter.

March 29 | Update from the Elders

It is with gratitude to a gracious God who has been leading and refining us for almost 3 years, and with great excitement that we announce that Pastor Mike Dsane has accepted the position of Lead Pastor of King’s Harbor Church (KHC).  The road has been long and at times difficult, but we see the hand of a faithful God in every moment and we are moving forward filled with hope and anticipation for all that is ahead for KHC.

All questions can be sent to