Sermon Series:

Saturday, 7/7 – Sunday, 8/26

Church plants whose lead planter ends up in prison shortly after they open their doors tend to fall apart. This is the miracle of the church of Philippi. Born in the midst of culture and chaos, this church flourished, and the subsequent letter to them has become one of the most beloved in the Christian faith. Paul’s affection and dedication to this church, which was dedicated to him, are palpable. However, this letter is underpinned by calls to model the humility and obedience of Christ in the face of death. It beckons the believer to count accolades and false identities as loss, and willingly suffer to know Christ and his resurrection. How can a letter which repeatedly commands the audience to rejoice, do so in the face of such labors?

We, like the original audience, must exist in a place where joy and uncomfortable submission to Christ collide. In the midst of this paradox, we find the unmatched, immeasurable value of Christ.