Jesus commanded his disciples to “make disciples of all nations.” At King’s Harbor, we partner with missionaries around the world who are carrying out that commission. Whether through prayer, a short-term missions trip, or something in between, you can join in the work to reach the lost for Christ.

King’s Harbor Missionaries

At King’s Harbor Church, one of our goals is to train, equip, and send out missionaries to reach people for Jesus. To date, we have sent Seven individuals and couples to regions around the world, including Mexico, Haiti, Africa, and the Middle East. Click here to learn more about our missionary families.

Short Term Mission Trips

We encourage our members to take part in short-term missions trips to places like Port-au-Prince, Haiti and Baja Mexico to support the efforts of King’s Harbor missionaries. These trips offer insight into the power of God’s love to transcend culture and language and can bring a greater understanding of God’s heart for all people. View upcoming missions trips and learn more about how we reach out globally through strategic relationships with missionaries and international partners. 

2017 Mission Trips

International Partners

We take seriously Jesus’ words to “be [his] the ends of the earth.” To that end, King’s Harbor Church also partners with missional efforts on several continents.


Frontiers trains and mobilizes those with a desire to reach out to the un-engaged and serve for the love of Christ. Their mission: to engage “with love and respect, inviting all Muslim people to follow Jesus.”  

Adopt a Ministry

Adopt-A-Ministry is a compassion outreach with our mission of:

Transforming communities through the advancement of God’s Kingdom and promoting health, education and sustainable economic development.

We are currently working with four villages in the Machakos region of Kenya.

Perspectives Course

Perspectives: On the World Christian Movement
Perspectives focuses on “building global momentum to help complete the Great Commission.” This 15-week course develops in students a growing knowledge of God’s plan and purpose for all generations around the globe. Find out where you fit! For more information, contact Jim and Sonya Witherspoon at .

John M. Perkins Center for Reconciliation and Youth Development

Jackson, MS
John M. Perkins Center for Reconciliation and Youth Development is dedicated to seeing the Gospel of Jesus Christ restore entire communities across America. Their work in racial reconciliation and community development demonstrates God’s power to bring true unity and hope to areas across the country. For the past 50 years, Dr. John Perkins has dedicated his life to empowering people and ministries to work alongside the poor and vulnerable. His guiding verse in life is Galatians 2:20. For more information, contact Elizabeth Perkins at  .